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PeopleBookHR : A unique HR solution

Why PeopleBookHR?



Committed to excellence

Remove flaws in
management procedures



Optimize human capital

Properly utilize all
available resources

Reduced Error


Reduce human error

Take human error
out of the equation



Multi-level authentication

Keep all personal & financial
info confidential



Higher ROI

Prioritizes potential leads



Granted results

Replace paperwork with
a reliable HR admin panel

Top Features

Very few HR management solutions are able to maintain a precise archive of employee records. Just this tool alone will help surge productivity and allow information to be extracted immediately. This EIM module included in this human management software offers many advantages including.

Our EIM module offers benefits including:

  • Store employee profiles and recent job history
  • Create customized employment reports
  • Access information wherever you are in the world
It is extremely difficult to integrate HR software applications with biometric devices, but PeopleBookHR has done it. Record time and attendance data, save valuable HR time and eliminate confusion regarding workforce attendance.

Key features of the Time and Attendance Management module include:

  • Acquire data entered physically or through upload
  • Monitor detailed attendance records
The evaluation of employee performance is a vital for any organization. Issues or faults can be found and addressed accordingly.

  • Modifiable workflow procedure
  • Multiple reviewers per review
  • Assign specific goals to individual employees
  • Allocate reviewing panel to judge employee performance
It is important to document all steps associated with handling discipline. Now with this HR feature you can track and maintain all cases and actions with ease.

  • Incidents recorded by administration
  • Create custom documentation templates
  • Action log available
To create a smooth payment flow for employees, People Book HR will also include a payroll option where employee payment management will be done very easily and hassle free.

Key features:

  • Pay Type
  • Pay Frequency
  • Time Entry Step
  • Variable Entry Step
  • Simple Payment
  • Approval
  • Adjustment Runs
  • Autopay
  • Rollback
  • Over 50 Standard Reports and Searches Built In


Free Trial

We will provide a free trial of PeopleBookHR so that interested clients can grasp an idea about this specific software and its unique features. Not many HR software solutions provide this kind of access.

Free Training

From our end, we will try our best to make this application user friendly and easily accessible to any user. If further assistance is needed one of our executives will provide any necessary training.


We are here to follow through on the proper completion of all of our products. Until the consumer is entirely satisfied, we will keep working until every aspect is perfect.

Customer Support

Our support team is prepared to provide solutions for any product related questions or concerns. Support will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data Security

Security is a very important issue. We can guarantee that no data will be lost or disclosed. It will be completely safe and secure.


Our main goal is to remove any apprehensions about PeopleBookHR that our respected clients may have. As a result, we plan to arrange workshops to remove any confusion regarding this application.

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