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System Administration & User Roles


Associating with other HR management solutions, this administration module is packed with tools to enable smooth and organized HR management.

Key administrative options are:

  • Create master data sets
  • Identify and create company structure
  • Enable audit trails for enhanced security
  • Define user roles by designation
  • Manage password configuration
  • Use event notification for professional deadlines and personal events
  • Publish news, announcements and HR policies


Employee Information Management


Very few HR management solutions are able to maintain a precise archive of employee records. Just this tool alone will help surge productivity and allow information to be extracted immediately. This EIM module included in this human management software offers many advantages including:

Our EIM module offers benefits including:

  • Store employee profiles and recent job history
  • Create customized employment reports
  • Access information wherever you are in the world.


Leave Management


Manage employee Leave requests with ease using our HRM module.

Highly flexible, the Leave/Time off module offers benefits that include:

  • Configure leave and holiday time in multiple countries
  • Create leave settings based on calendar or financial year
  • Enter leave restriction and other compliance rules
  • Configure leave settings based on employee status, job title, years of service or other criteria
  • Enter leave remainder rules
  • Trigger E-mail notification on leave events
  • Create graphical or CSV-based reports


Biometric & Non-Biometric Time & Attendance Management


It is extremely difficult to integrate HR software applications with biometric devices, but PeopleBookHR has done it. Record time and attendance data, save valuable HR time and eliminate confusion regarding workforce attendance.

Key features of the Time and Attendance Management module include:

  • Acquire data entered physically or through upload.
  • Monitor detailed attendance records.

Performance Management


The evaluation of employee performance is a vital for any organization. Issues or faults can be found and addressed accordingly.

  • Modifiable workflow procedure
  • Correspond alongside job titles, departments or individual employees
  • Assign specific goals to individual employees
  • Allocate reviewing panel to judge employee performance




To make a smooth payment flow for employee PeopleBookHR will also include payroll option where employee payment management will be done very easily and hassle free.

Key features:

  • Pay Type
  • Pay Frequency
  • Time Entry Step
  • Variable Entry Step
  • One off Payment Entry Step
  • Approve and Post Step
  • Adjustment Runs
  • Autopay
  • Rollback
  • Over 50 Standard Reports and Searches Built In



Another exclusive component this human management software possesses is its own training unit. This feature-rich element enables administrators and supervisors to create and manage employee training courses.

We offer you broad HR capabilities which include:

  • Centrally develop and deploy training programs throughout your organization
  • Create and administer training budgets
  • Identify and manage training personnel
  • Track and monitor employee success and career succession plans


Document Manager


The document manager is a system wide feature which allows HR documentation to be generated from various points in the system.

The document manager includes:

  • Creation of document templates inside the system
  • Employee information tags can be easily incorporated into templates
  • Insert images
  • Generate documents from the employee profiles
  • PDF outputs

Discipline Archiving


It is important to document all steps associated with handling discipline. Now with this HR feature you can track and maintain all cases and actions with ease.

  • Incidents recorded by administration
  • Create custom documentation templates
  • Action log available


Employee Self Service


Employees within the organization can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, leave status, company policies etc. They can view their pay slips, total earnings, Provident Fund and Year-To-Date statements. Details related to loans like installments paid, balance payable, and so on can also be viewed without having to wait for HR reverts. Thus, you spend less time answering questions and more time pursuing your vision. Along with these features, employees will be able to socialize with one another. They will be able send messages, post, comment, and so much more. This feature is completely absent in other HR software solutions.

  • Personal Employee Login
  • Manage Leave Application
  • View and generate Payslips
  • Send leave application through email
  • Email Receipt of Leave Approval
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Notice Board
  • Socialize with Colleagues
  • Post, Comment, Like

Duty Roaster/ Shift Management


PeopleBookHR takes the nightmare out of shift management. Attendance for different shifts is automatically managed, as well as different overtime rates and allowances for each shift. Similarly, factory rosters can be set up, either on a rotating basis or a non-rotating basis, and shift patterns can also be defined. Attendance data is analyzed with the defined rosters of employees and the days absent, overtime, allowances and so forth are calculated automatically.

  • Plan and create rosters/work shifts
  • Assign roster/work shifts
  • Set default roster/work shifts
  • Calculate salary and wages based on roster


Asset Management


Asset management maintains a record of property issued to employees. This could include laptops, pagers, uniforms, cell phones, key cards, etc. Information in the employee asset record comprises of the asset type, number, serial number and date of issuance.

  • Detail asset tracking
  • Asset issue management
  • Asset transfer from one employee to another
  • Asset return instrument

Other Modules


As far as HR software applications go, PeopleBookHR has countless. Further customization can be done upon consumer request. What other human management software will offer this service?

  • Manpower Requisition Approval
  • Internal Resume Bank
  • Interview Management Selection


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