Efficient Ways to Measure Employee Performance

Efficient Ways to Measure Employee Performance

By admin | February 22, 2017 | HR Software

The workforce of an organization has significant importance to the future of a company. No business can progress or grow if their performance is lacking. There are multiple ways to evaluate these measurements, but no sole method has been found to be universally effective. A combination of different evaluation techniques has proven to be effective in properly assessing an employee’s performance. The following are popular practices currently applied in various organizations, some are even available in HR software solutions.

The quickest and simplest way to evaluate employees is through a checklist. A straight forward questionnaire can help bring insight on a specific employee’s progression. A list of questions can be assembled and a simple check under ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each question will increase more available information about each employee. This tactic is very quick, and the workforce may receive it in a positive manner. Although, the process is not an efficient system to properly measure the output of an employee, it may provide some useful information about the qualities of each employee.


This method can be divided into categories to carefully see where an employee is excelling and where they are lacking. Each category can be represented by a number ranging from 1 to 10. The number will represent the quality of the employee in a specific field. Through these measurements an overall finite value can be calculated to represent the quality of the worker. An alternate way to accomplish this is to note the frequency in which an employee accomplishes a task. 3 options can be given ‘never’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘always’. Another stress-free way to gauge an employee’s performance.


Although at first it may seem that this process may be a waste of time, it actually is a viable method to judge performance. The staff tend to be more critical when evaluating themselves. A simple short answer or multiple choice format would suffice. The information found here with other forms of evaluation can prove to be very useful to assess an employee’s contribution to the company. It can pinpoint their best qualities and highlight their faults as well.


360o Evaluation:




This method is a very efficient way to judge the performance of a staff member. Opinions and comments from staff members that work closely with the employee under evaluation are taken and compiled to properly review an employee’s performance. This will include feedback from both supervisors and coworkers. As they work closely with the individual they will be able to provide accurate feedback. With multiple views, patterns and common occurrences can be observed and proper action can be taken to remove any deficiencies.


Closing Remarks:
No single technique is appropriate to accurately gauge the potential and contributions of an employee. The listed few have shown promise, and if used together a much more in depth analysis of each employee can be achieved. Investigating the results of these performance measuring tactics will be imperative to improve productivity and help an organization develop as a whole. Plenty of these procedures are available in HR software solutions. Reasons why HR software can be beneficial to organizations can be found here. An extensive online HR software checklist has been provided to ease the search.

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